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Tips and Tricks

Put species in sub-biomes

While adding species in biome is fast it lacks a lot of possibilities that placing them in sub-biome gives.

Outside of quick testing usually place most of the species in sub-biomes.

If you're unsure where to put your species and it's not just a quick testing biome use sub-biomes.

Create empty sub-biome

It's quite often good idea to create sub-biome that has nothing in it.

You can then control it using hand painted masks. This sub biome marks places where no generation happens.

Keep material mask outputs in 0-1 range

It's easier to work with material masks if you keep all outputs in 0 to 1 range. If all your material mask output different max values it's harder to control which material wins. Just put saturate node at the end to clamp output values to 0-1 or remap range using smoothstep

You can then leave values over 1 for special masks that should always win. For example by giving empty sub-biome value bigger then 1 on areas with removal mask painted.

"Generation selection hides my view"

Some of the tools in Biomes Editor Mode allow you to select parts of world to generate. Though this can make it harder to view your results.

You can always go to Setup tool. It doesn't show selection.

You can start generation from any tool.

Species Templates

You can add your own templates to select while creating species. In ProjectSettings->Plugins->Errant Biomes add directory to ProjectTemplateDirectories

You can also turn off default templates that come with plugin at the same place.

Priority tips

It's good idea to put grass priority over trees just with 0 radius. So grass can grow under trees fully and never deletes them.

Then it's also good idea to put priority of rocks with one of highest priorities so trees nor grass grow inside the rocks

Clearing generated content

In Biomes Mode select Tools from the toolbar.

There you can find Clear generated content from selected components

Other option is just removing everything from ProceduralWorldGenration folder in Outliner. There's a biomes.utils.ClearProceduralWorldGenerationFolder cmd command for that.

Creating changelist automatically

You can enable Create Changelist for Generation in EditorPreferences Plugins Errant Biomes.

Read the tooltip to see limitations.

Asking before generating whole world

In the Editor Preferences -> Errant Biomes, you can enable the Ask Before Generate All option to receive a prompt before generating the entire game world. This feature is disabled by default for quicker setup with smaller worlds, but it's useful to turn on for larger, more resource-intensive projects to avoid accidental full-world generation.