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First steps

Here are the first steps to take to setup a newly created level:

  1. Create a landscape

    • Enable Edit layers in the landscape so that Biomes can use its own Edit Layer for its landscape adjustment.
    • Create a new Edit Layer (ex: "Biomes". Any name is fine.)
    • Lock that Edit Layer to prevent accidental modification (Biomes tool should be the only one modifying this layer).
  2. Open Biomes editor mode.

  3. Select Initialize World on the newly opened panel.


  1. Select the Landscape on which you want to generate. Either in the panel or by selecting it in the viewport.
  2. Fill in Biomes Landscape Layer in the Landscape Alignment group (in our example the layer is named "Biomes").


  1. Create a Biome by adding it to the list of biomes.
  2. Create a new Biome by selecting None asset and clicking Create new asset Biome
  3. Create new species in the biomes by adding it to the list of species.
  4. Press Start Generation on Biomes Mode toolbar

New Biomes/sub-biomes/species may also be created by right-clicking in the Content Browser and selecting them from the Biomes menu.